One Love United Ministries

“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage” – William Phelps

I am a wife, mother, pastor, and scholar who has always had a deep passion for marriage. As a little girl, I knew that I wanted to be married with a family and career centered around God. It was more than a title for me, more than just having a "wedding day", it was how I wanted to live my life, with my husband and our children. Nothing makes me happier than seeing two people who love God and each other make a lifetime commitment. 


I developed a desire to bring the happiness I felt to other couples, I wanted to be able to share the joy in my heart with others. For me, there was no other way than to first become a pastor and second offering my services as a wedding officiant. As the executive pastor of One Love United Ministries, one way I serve others is by officiating wedding ceremonies, offering marriage counseling, and helping each couple have a day to remember. I feel that what makes my services special is that I care deeply for every individual, so things such as “number of bookings per year” mean little to nothing to me, I wholeheartedly enjoy the experience.

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